The smart Trick of 裴蕾 That No One is Discussing

Must see the business marketing: How to play traditional Internet marketing?

This is a bustling era where we had previously discovered where a murder took place and arson might allow people to talk about it for a month, but now it will not be more than a week for a major accident to happen. This is terrible In fact, everyone likes curiosity, distracted attention, the biggest marketing cost in the future is to let others noticed you, people can talk about.
I remember in May, the people published four full-page special ads: the huge newspaper layout, in addition to a WeChat two-dimensional code, the rest empty. It is estimated that the advertising costs in millions of dollars. Almost at the same time, Focus Media took out 20 million cash red envelopes, naked "to buy" users.
Whether it is spending money two-dimensional code advertising or send money to buy the user, are in the age of marketing to adapt to the Internet thinking. Why they are willing to do this, the relationship between the modern brand and the user has changed from "influence" to "contention." There are some things on the internet such as: Marketing in China has entered the era of "human traffickers," and the decision of marketing The key success or failure has become a user. Take ads published on WeChat's WeChat QR code, and they should know that few people really want to scan this, but they can use the WeChat momentum to achieve the effect of communication. Because now the carrier of information dissemination is no longer some traditional media and television and other hard-board ads, but the user himself, a person is a media, only if they are willing to talk about you, your ad is a success.
Everyone now holds the Internet, and everyone can turn into a marketing manager. Internet has gradually infiltrated our daily life, the owners are lamenting that enterprises should be Internet-based, more and more traditional enterprises have poured into the Internet army, however, how companies do Internet marketing, businesses really take advantage of the Internet to achieve Marketing effect yet?
Many traditional business owners do not know how to meet the tide of the Internet, so that their products can be connected with the user through the Internet.
In the era of backward communication tools, the efficiency and distance of information dissemination are far behind those of the present, which doomed the brands that carry product information and corporate culture to be delayed in development. Relying solely on word of mouth, the "old-fashioned" reluctance Formation of the prototype of the modern brand.
Traditional commercial market around the "product" construction, first product, then customer, product bearing value, driving transactions, which is inherited a thousand years of business logic.
If the traditional business world, companies want to invest 30% of the cost of research and development, 30% of the cost of production, 30% of the cost of doing the market.
But in the Internet age, the marketing world is not so play, companies at least 90% of the cost spent on marketing above, 10% of the cost subcontracted to the factory foundry.
Although spent 90% of marketing costs, most businesses still do not know whether the real potential to find a precise user, do not know if there is an effective conversion. Like the popular phrase in the advertising world: "I know my advertising wasted in half but I do not know which half was wasted!"
In the past year, numerous start-up projects desperately burn money for agglomeration users, boasting good luck, getting investments, and bad luck have all died up. More and more enterprises, the cost of acquiring users has far exceeded the rent and advertising, and even become the last straw crushed the camel.
In the Internet era do not do advertising marketing, what to do?
Just as Ge Jianjun, director of marketing of F600 Venture Capital, said: If enterprises want to make good achievements on the Internet, they must know how to do user marketing. That is, big big brands are the same. They need to constantly create and move users to see, hear and feel. Many of the Internet incidents that took place in 2015 are marketing-related, and you can see one or two of the following:
1. Wang Feng Marriage: stars and drone ads, a plain ad marketing.
2. fiery letter of resignation: a letter of resignation caused by viral marketing.
3. "The world is so big, I want to see" music bad brand borrowed copywriting, when there was a potential copy reading up to 1.7 million! Brand communication influence can be imagined.
4. Jackie Chan's Duang, "my shampoo" keyword blast fire.
5. Backhand touch navel: a "and eggs" successful marketing plan.
6. Shenzhou car beatU ads, regardless of China do not know "strange sorghum", its app downloads doubled is a fact.
7. Beijing Sanlitun UNIQLO: rub border ball marketing brand.
People play is the occasion of marketing technology, not afraid of public opinion, afraid not talked about.
Now many traditional enterprises also think that the company registered a Weibo WeChat, made a few articles that connect to the Internet, that is, building O2O, walk in the road to high on the transition.
Through the above example we should be able to find a variety of wonderful marketing programs abound, it is an era of grab the user, the flow is to do is the Internet user marketing. Every single life event, if tapped by keen corporate operators, becomes a marketing opportunity to make a fortune for one's own business.
Marketing practitioners always like to look forward to the future, rather than determine the operator's direction of operation of the operator, as the operator to master the user's reading habits, trying to predict the next big trend for their brand or customer.
The rules of commercial games are directly affected by the law of information dissemination
From "Internet thinking" to "O2O" and then to "Internet +", one concept behind another is actually the panic and self-help in the transformation of traditional enterprises.
From the beginning of modern times, the popularization of media such as printing and publishing as well as the television and telephone promoted the formation of modern brand concept. The market transactions shifted from "product-driven" to "brand-driven", which led to the rise of a large number of planners and the outbreak of advertising wars.
The Internet reconstructs the mode of information dissemination: the cost of acquiring information is getting lower and lower, the information transparency is getting higher and higher, and the amount of information is getting bigger and bigger. For consumers, the information from the previous one-way transmission into two-way transmission, consumers from passive to accept the information into a proactive choice of information. More and more traditional businesses find that "all ads are expiring." "User is value" derived "free mode", "platform strategy" series of Internet games, are derived from this logic.
Lei Jun with his own set of "70 million users, each user value of 380 US dollars" projections, come to "millet valued at 30 billion US dollars" conclusion, and recognized by the capital market. This also explains why many Internet projects have been losing money since its inception, but the valuation has been increasing, behind the accumulation of user value is there to support.
In the Internet era, the value of users to replace the value of goods, in the eyes of merchants homeable. However, what makes them unexpected is that the cost of acquiring users far exceeds their imagination.
How to attract users
Many Internet companies are talking about focusing, for business marketing, is to become the user's focus, you need to attract the user's attention. The fundamental reason why business society is constantly changing is the change in society. The relationship between human productivity and production is changing. In my eyes, business is still the interpretation of the relationship between people and goods, and advertising is to establish a variety of links between the two. Since companies need to find accurate potential users for effective marketing, then who can master these users, who have the value. Furthermore, who has mastered the user's attention, who has a profitability.
However, how can a long-term and effective gathering of a large number of potential users from all walks of life be required? From a user perspective, why should I spend my precious time focusing on your information. How to play traditional business Internet marketing in this place is a key point:
Users need profitable, informative and informative information
Benefit is multifaceted, such as the brush mentioned above WeChat red envelopes so straightforward and efficient means (that is, money), but also forwarding polite, send calls and so on. Marketing nowadays must be called "social marketing", and in social marketing, WeChat media and microblogging V is the main two major channels.
WeChat mainly attracts subscribers with high-quality content from the media, while Weibo V mainly attracts fans with funny handicrafts. The two camps attract large numbers of fans by attracting fans with free or interesting content to users To carry out brand communication and product sales.
Interest, interesting, material, these three major user marketing rules, in essence, are from the 杜家麟 user point of view, give them the value they are willing to pay the cost of time, it is also the current consumer market, "user-driven" behind the logic.
So if the traditional business found in the marketing process to burn a lot of money but still can not find a precise user?
This requires reviewing the marketing process will not appear what flaws, it is possible that details are not done!
Enterprise door, logo, the image of the character is still dull, cold? Can companies provide more concessions, more cost-effective products? Can businesses provide screaming, surprising products and user experiences?
The next few years, the user will become increasingly fierce competition, if you do not attach importance to users, users do not want to find ways to optimize the cost of access to users, then eventually it is likely that traditional companies can not play the Internet, it may face the ultimate failure. Here are some of the highlights of Internet marketing:
1. Mobility has gradually become the center of marketing.
2. The transparency of the transaction determines the brand reputation.
3. Content marketing can take the occasion, but to ensure the quality and brand image.
4. Online brand interaction with consumers to become the new mode of operation.
5. Socialization will be the next "Internet."
6. Brands pay more attention to the management of fans.
7. User data driven precision, personalized marketing.
8 for data mining, there will be more accurate measurement tools.
In the Internet era, traditional enterprises must embrace the Internet, make use of various tools of the Internet to reform themselves, and learn to adapt and master the Internet. However, enterprises are not fun Internet marketing will certainly be successful, the nature of the business will not change in any time, products and services is the cornerstone of the enterprise. Although this is a fast-food era, science and technology are rapidly changing, but as long as enterprises and people grasp the goods, keep up with the trend of the Internet will be invincible.

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